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Parma residence

Parma residence, a solution to every need

The Parma Residence Cavour - convenient, comfortable and modern - is one of the most interesting accommodation solutions in the area.
The building is set in a strategic downtown location, next to the train station in Piazza Garibaldi, schools, universities and places of interest.
A special feature that makes it ideal for any holiday or long stays, for business people, students, families, for those looking for leisure, for professionals or anyone busy studying.
The affordable rent  and the many services offered will make it a second home, where you can find a warm atmosphere, impeccable cleanliness and very useful common areas.
Monuments, museums, cultural sites, but also great event venues as well as concerts or sporting events are all easily accessible.
One more reason why you should not miss this offer, a must that is full of opportunities and surprises.